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Posted By Rhino on 01/19/14 - Bookmark Big Booty
BBW Sex Videos Angelica BBW Sex Videos Angelica

Are you the kind of guy that is particular about his big booty fantasies or will any plus sized booty do? I used to have a thing for tight wide asses. I didn’t care for flabby booty too much. After having fucking a severely fat girl in the back of my van once I decided to change my tune when it came to BBW babes with big booties. I rounded a corner and became a real man.

Now I am geared towards finding and fucking women with bigger and bigger booty. It must be the competitive nature in me. I am always testing myself. Just the other day I fucked a fatty that topped the scales at close to 500lbs. She might have been 500lbs, but the scale broke at 480lbs so I have no idea. Shit, she could have been 600lbs.

Visit BBW sex videos and look at the Angelica video. She is pretty close to the whale I fucked. As usual I will also point you to a big ass cams site I use that has dozens of girls that hit the 500lb range. Don’t worry about the stretch marks. They are there for gripping!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/13/14 - Bookmark Big Booty

Ever licked a woman on her anus? I have. I usually do it when I get drunk as a skunk. The first time I don’t know what I expected it to taste like. I had read a book once where some chick claimed it tasted like apples. I knew for damn sure that it wouldn’t taste like apples. It also didn’t taste like shit either though. Or, like I said, maybe I was just too drunk to taste anything. Look at this dude tonguing a hot babes asshole. I can’t tell who is enjoying themselves more.

Not every video on is an anal tonguing video, but they all rock in some way, shape or form!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/13/14 - Bookmark Big Booty

Adam & Eve big booty videos on demand

Lets do some quick math here. As a big booty porn pervert you probably spend about $50 to $120 a month on your obsession. Looking at my own expenses it is like this: $15 a week in skin magazines, $50 a month in DVD’s and $60 in website subscriptions. That is $170 a month. Each month I tell myself I am not going to do it again, but then there I am. The harder I fight it the more I end up spending in the end.

Fed up with myself I decided to heed a friends advice and give the FyreTV video on demand service a try. It costs nothing to have an account, but you will have to pay to see videos from the various associated porn companies.

I have been a fan of Adam & Eve Video since I was a kid in college. My girlfriend at the time and I would order their stuff through the mail. We had a lot of kinky sex with the crazy stuff we ordered. She enjoyed getting tied up and made to suck my cock like a cum slut. So you can see why I would have a thing for A&E V!

The real cost savings comes in being able to access entire content packages from the various production companies. They have deals with hardcore companies like Adam & Eve, plus deals with softcore companies like Abby Winters. You pay about $30 a month to access their entire library or you can pay yearly to bring the price down to $5 or $8 a month.

After paying the monthly fee you can now access this porn anywhere you are in the world. I have used it to watch porn on my Uncle’s home theater system using his Apple TV box while he was out at work. This rocks!

So now I still spend about $15 a week on skin mags because I love them. But my access to every Adam and Eve video has brought my other two expenditures down to $30 a month. That is an $80 cost savings for me. Your mileage may vary.

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