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Posted By Rhino on 06/29/12 - Bookmark Big Booty


The acronym BBW gets thrown around a lot. Usually it is used to describe any woman with over 50 inches around the waist so long as she is getting naked for somebody. Personally, I find that to be an injustice!

When I use the term BBW babe I mean it. If I use it, I am speaking about a girl with a cute face, fluffy tits and a phat ass that looks tight and spankable. I guess you could say that Terri Jane is the living definition of the acronym BBW! A Big Beautiful Woman!


I have friends that would look at Terri Jane and have a problem with those layers of fat under her arm. They might even tell me her tits are too saggy. You might even wonder if I’d say the same thing after reading my opening paragraph to this post.

But I know there are some trade offs when it comes to BBW babes. In order to have the big booty you have to have fat and if you have fat there are going to be some rolls here and there. She is going to have a tummy. Her boobies are going to sag a bit. No problem. That is why got created hands!


You see that? Problem solved!

What we’d both really like is to be handling those huge tits for her! Am I right? Or perhaps to be banging that big booty from behind while watching her tits flap in the closet door mirrors?!?! Fuck yeah, boy!

Brooke Lee Playmates has videos and tons of photo sets of Terri Jane showing off that phat ass of hers. They also have other babes with thick booty and some with small booty. While I prefer that jiggly butt I am a sucker for variety!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/27/12 - Bookmark Big Booty
freetourrump1 freetourrump2

Last night I was at a club. While there I was going through my phone and some white dude was looking over my shoulder. He must have been drunk because he asked me what in the fuck was up with all the booty on my phone. I guess he wanted to debate about phat ass…

After about five minutes of talking about big booty I decided to cut to the chase and explain it to him in a way that would get him to shut the fuck up. I asked him how long his dick was.

As you might have guessed he stammered a little and then repeated the question. I took this to mean he was six inches or less and let him know. He stuttered something about it being longer than that and I just laughed.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against white people and I don’t think they are all hung like the stem of an apple. Lord knows Ron Jeremy has a cock big enough to hang with da brothas.

So anyway… As we are talking people around us are chiming in and pretty much the room is divided on the subject of big booty. One half thinks Kim Kardashian has some rumpalicious booty and the other half thinks her booty is way too big to be sexy.

The guys that like her booty are all looking at each other and smiling. The guys that think her ass is way too big aren’t smiling at all. In fact, they are starting to get fidgety.

Anyway… The booty that started it all was Rumpalicious from Busty Baby Dolls. You can find dozens of hot babes with thick ass booty from just about every race on the planet. Big dick, average dick or little dick, if you like the booty this place has it in spades.

Posted By Rhino on 06/06/12 - Bookmark Big Booty




I never understood why so many white boys are afraid of the black booty. With light skinned beauties like Coco Francesca in the big booty scene there really is no reason to pass up on some very fine black ass!

One thing most of my white friends are shocked to find out is that black booty isn’t all fat. Sure, there are some triple wide mommas out there with enough fat in the back to light a modern city for a week, but I am not talking about them. I am talking about big booty babes like Coco!

Girls like Coco have a big booty because they have larger gluteus maximus muscles than their white counterparts. I’ve seen a lot of girls in Brazil that can fall into this category of phat booty women.

So when I have a big booty honey over and a white boy is sitting there all slack jawed wondering about her booty, I call him over. I tell him to press a finger into it. His jaw always hits the floor. WTF? He is wondering why his finger only sank an inch or two in. They wonder out loud if she has some kind of metal sheet inserted in there. How can it possibly be so fucking hard?

Silly white boy! That ain’t titanium. That’s just pure Coco Francesca!

"But how come white girls don’t have big booty like Coco?"

Oh, fucking shit. ROTFL!

White boy, you do have a white girl with big booty. I just fucking wrote about her. Oddly enough her name is Coco too!

"How do I see her naked?"

You whip out your iPad… No… Don’t tell me you don’t have an iPad? You are white! All of you white motherfuckers have an iPad!

So get iPlayboy on your iPad and you can enjoy every single issue of Playboy ever created. All of the college girl issues you used to jackoff to as a boy are now at your finger tips! Literally!!!

Anyway… Time for me to go check out Coco Austin on my iPad. No, you don’t have to be white to have an iPad!

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