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The vast majority of escort agencies in Europe completely miss the mark when it comes to offering big booty escorts. They often mistake petite blonde Barbie girls for girls with thick backsides. At PassionEscort they know what you want and they have plenty of girls who can give it to you. Their roster is packed with girls from Latin American countries, girls from Pakistan and India, girls from African nations and more. You could say they are passionate about their offerings.

Take some time to visit Vienna escorts website and familiarize yourself with the girls. Do note that they have many more girls than are on the site so if you have a particular interest you cannot locate there do call and inquire about handling it.

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How do you know if a girl is a fun fuck before you even hit the sack? Well, there are certain criteria you can look at from the makeup of her body to how she wears the makeup on her face. Once you clue yourself into these varying characteristics you can avoid the hassles of bringing a dumb cunt back to your place only to strikeout in the sack.

When I am looking for hot BBW girls to date I usually go with the curvaceous ones. Girls with a thick booty to be exact. They don’t have to have an apple figure to work for me, but they should at least have the shape of a pair. Another sure sign is a good whale tale. Some guys think they are nasty. I think they say, "Hey, look at me. I want to grind my steaming hot pussy on your cock so hard you are going to want to insure the fucking thing!"

Of course the problem is sometimes you don’t want to go out or are lacking the time to check out the bar scene. Don’t worry about that. I have you covered. You can find BBW cam girls on The site is always on so you won’t have a problem with those late night urges.

I can hear you already. But what about the not so apple sized girls? Yeah, I hear you. Why increase the insurance on your entire pelvis – in case that fat bitch breaks it – when you can just up the premiums on your fuck stick? For you there are other options on CamsShows. Try out the live sex chats with curvy babes instead. Now you are sitting pretty!

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big_booty thick_booty

You might have seen the one and only Elizabeth Bentley on such networks as Bangbros, Mofos, Reality Kings, Hustler and more. With her youthful looks, her big booty and her tight pussy she is a much sought after model by fans and production companies looking to hire her. Now you can hire her too!

Have this big booty porn star do whatever it is you want her to do in a live webcam chat. Remember, she is a porn star so just about anything goes. I highly doubt your devious thoughts will come up with something she hasn’t already tried before. This is your chance to get dirty!

Elizabeth is bisexual. You can invite your girlfriend, wife or even a bro along for the ride. She loves to do threesomes in any combination.

Members can view photo galleries of the models that free users cannot see. As a member you can also view pre-recorded videos of the many of the webcam performers. As with most things, membership has its privileges!

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freetourrump1 freetourrump2

Last night I was at a club. While there I was going through my phone and some white dude was looking over my shoulder. He must have been drunk because he asked me what in the fuck was up with all the booty on my phone. I guess he wanted to debate about phat ass…

After about five minutes of talking about big booty I decided to cut to the chase and explain it to him in a way that would get him to shut the fuck up. I asked him how long his dick was.

As you might have guessed he stammered a little and then repeated the question. I took this to mean he was six inches or less and let him know. He stuttered something about it being longer than that and I just laughed.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against white people and I don’t think they are all hung like the stem of an apple. Lord knows Ron Jeremy has a cock big enough to hang with da brothas.

So anyway… As we are talking people around us are chiming in and pretty much the room is divided on the subject of big booty. One half thinks Kim Kardashian has some rumpalicious booty and the other half thinks her booty is way too big to be sexy.

The guys that like her booty are all looking at each other and smiling. The guys that think her ass is way too big aren’t smiling at all. In fact, they are starting to get fidgety.

Anyway… The booty that started it all was Rumpalicious from Busty Baby Dolls. You can find dozens of hot babes with thick ass booty from just about every race on the planet. Big dick, average dick or little dick, if you like the booty this place has it in spades.

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Some girls grow up and obsess over their big booty in the wrong way. Cherokee D’Ass is not one of those kinds of girls. She enjoyed all of the attention her thick booty brought her and she realized the haters were only hating because they were jealous of all of the attention she was getting!

Most people would assume all of the attention she was getting was from the bros, but that wasn’t always the case. Latin guys, white guys, even Asian guys couldn’t get enough of that butt! Being an equal opportunity kind of girl Cherokee spread that ass around to all races.

You can get your own piece of that big booty on Cherokee’s web site and get unlimited access to all of her bootylicious friends like Sweet Yurizan and more!

Get tons of booty with a Tits & Ass Pass!

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Lacey Mcguire

I saw this picture of sassy blonde bitch Lacey McGuire and her Round Mound of Ass and I instantly thought of the youngest daughter on the Brady Bunch all "growed" up.

The guys at Round Mound of Ass find a new thick booty to tap every week. They tape their exploits in HD and include hi-res pics with each episode.

Being equal opportunity anal bangers they tap ass of all races. All hair colors. All body types (so long as they got booty). They fuck porn stars and they fuck amateurs. Damn… Sounds like a life I should be living!

Anyway… With one password to Round Mound of Ass you get the entire All Reality Pass network. With sites like Giant’s Black Meat White Treat, MILFs in Heat, Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks, Big Cock Teen Addiction, Please Bang My Wife and a whole lot more!

With this many sites they can update daily and they do so several times throughout the day. So you can watch a new video for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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Sometimes when you are looking for thick booty you aren’t necessarily looking for the thunder butt. Sometimes you just want a nice bubble butt on a girl with a face you can look at!

For those you head on over to!

Aziani wha??? Dude, where have you been? Aziani is blowing up with the hottest babes, the hottest videos and you haven’t ever heard of them? Jesus H. Christ!

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10…

OK… I’ve calmed down, but you should be kicking yourself in the ass! All of the hottest porn stars, all of the hottest softcore celebs, all of the hottest breakout starlets have shot with Aziani. Got a favorite porn star? Take the tour and look her up. Odds are they have several photo sets and as many hot videos of her rubbing her snatch!

Now I am not saying this place is wall-to-wall booty. I will say they have a vast assortment of babes and that most big tits babes have a bubble butt you can sink your dick into!

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