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Posted By Admin on 10/01/22 - Bookmark Big Booty

How to move and carry full body size TPE sex dolls is a problem encountered by many newcomers, because sex dolls are indeed very heavy, like muscular sex doll usually weighs 30 kg, while chubby fat sex doll even weighs over 50kgs. It is usually recommended to buy 140cm tpe sex doll can be a good solution to the problem of overweight dolls.

Why are life size TPE silicone sex dolls so heavy? Many people can easily pick up a 100 pound wife, but a sex doll weighs less than 60 pounds, but it is more difficult to move than a 100 pound live human being.

This is because while a wife can work with you and spread the force over your entire body, a sex doll is an immovable object. The force is not balanced and you can’t find your balance. And you also can’t use brute force for fear of accidentally breaking the doll. It’s the combination that makes the sex doll feel very heavy.

In fact, do not worry about this problem. Just need to communicate more with your small boobs adult tpe doll, you can naturally solve the method of moving her. Also, think of these as a good opportunity to exercise. But for newbies. Here are some tips about how to move a sex doll in the right way.

1. Octopus style hug: the girl hooked around the boy’s neck, legs hooked around the boy’s waist. Then boldly embrace her ass. This is very romantic (the most labor-saving way).

2. Princess hug: lift your petite sex doll’s hands on the neck. uxdoll think the princess hug is the most effortless. Sex doll will not actively hug your neck, so you have to put sex doll’s hands on your own neck to reach.

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